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Sustainable Care

Sustainable Landscaping encompasses a variety of practices used in every phase of landscaping including maintenance which actively contributes to healthy communities. Using these practices in unison insures us that we can live today without degrading tomorrow. Rolling Lawns has mastered the art of combining beautiful and sustainable landscapes. 

Autonomous Mowing 

Our autonomous mowers offer you a whole new style of lawn care. Our mowers are stationed at your property giving your lawn a fresh cut every day.

Autonomous Mowing Benefits:

  • Continuous Cut

  • Less Emissions

  • Less Energy Consumption 

  • Quiet

  • Less Water 

  • Healthier Lawn

Traditional Mowing

For those looking for traditional mowing services we have mastered this craft over the 65 years we have been in buisness. Our professionaly trained staff ensures that your property is cared for every week.



When it comes to maintaining a landscape our services dont stop at cutting.

Maintenance Services Include:

  • Mulching 

  • Shrub Pruning 

  • Fine Bed Care

  • Edging 

  • Leaf Removal 

  • Spring Cleaning 

Lawn & Shrub Care

Proper nutrients are vital to the health and beauty of any landscape. Our expert horticulturists monitor your plants throughout the season and design custom programs to fit your plant's needs.


Lawn & Shrub Care Services include:

  • Organic Fertilizer

  • Deep Root Feeding 

  • Soil Aeration 

  • Soil Testing 

  • Integrated Pest Management 

  • Tick & Mosquito Control 

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